What is the length of the course? 

Each course will tell you, on average, how many recommended hours it will take to complete. This may vary between person. 

What is the difference between a distance learning course and a scheduled training course? 

Flexibility. Distance learning enables you to study at a time and pace suitable for you. Distance learning is available to purchase at any time meaning that you do not need to wait for a scheduled course. 

How long do I have access to the course? 

You will have 12 months to complete the course.  

How do I pay for the course? 

You can request an invoice or pay by bank transfer.  

How do I request an invoice to purchase a course? 

Email [email protected] specifying if you have a purchase order and which course(s) you wish to purchase.  We require the name and address of the person paying for the course. If you are in a school this may be your Finance department. If you are purchasing a course for another member of staff, we will need their name for the certificate and their email address to enrol them onto the course.  The student will receive an email once the course is available to access. 

To purchase the course privately you can pay by bank transfer.  Please contact our Finance Team on 0345 2226802 to make a bank transfer. The course will become available on receipt of payment. We need a full name and email address to enrol you onto courses.   

How do I purchase a course if I don’t currently work in a school?

If you wish to make a private purchase please contact our Finance team on 0345 2226802 to make a bank transfer. The course will be available on receipt of payment.  

Does the advertised price include VAT? 

No, VAT will be added on the invoice.  

Do I have to pay VAT? 

Yes, but as a school you may be able to reclaim VAT.  

Can anyone take the courses? 

Please see each course pre-requisites to see what experience or skills are recommended in order to successfully complete the course.  

Will I get a certificate to prove that I have taken the course? 

On Completion of the course you can claim a certificate. Instructions for claiming your certificate are at the end of each course. 

Will these courses be recognised by an employer? 

The courses are industry recognised courses produced by an accredited support unit and will be recognised by Schools.  

Do I get access to a copy of SIMS whilst studying? 

No - SIMS is only available to schools who have a purchased a licence. We have designed the courses to demonstrate the use of SIMS and you have downloadable resources to refer to once you have access to a SIMS database. Some delegates already working in a school may follow with their SIMS database ensuring they do not complete the test activities on their live data. 

How do I access the course that I have purchased? 

You must be logged in and then you can click on 'my courses' and the courses that you have purchased should be available to select.  

Are these ESS SIMS Courses? 

The courses are based on ESS SIMS training courses, and you will have access to the training notes. In many courses these training notes are supplemented with other additional resources that we feel will help improve your understanding of the subject 

If I purchase more than one course do I get a discount? 

Some courses can be purchased as a bundle which will be discounted.  

Do I need any special equipment or software to carry out the course? 

No, but you may find it helpful to print some of the course materials.